Supporters from outside Edinburgh …

“We had a great couple of weeks traveling around the UK playing music. It would not have been possible without people like yourself, who demonstrate both a love of music and community. It was a privilege to be a part of that community for a spell, and get a chance share our little window into the vast world of music. So cheers, and thanks for doing what you do. Keep up the good work”
Jed Greenburg, Red Dog Run, United States

“I play hundreds of venues and encounter hundreds of gig promoters but it is difficult to imagine a more selfless pair than Douglas or Jane-Ann. They have organised countless gigs for no reason other than to make sure brilliant gigs happen on a regular basis in the wonderful city of Edinburgh. Every artist is treated wonderfully with superb hospitality and relaxed but careful organisation which ensures every gig there is nothing but a joy and as a result the audience have a wonderful time and a great welcome as well. They deserve any support going!”
Dan Walsh, England

“Without venues like the Soundhouse, there’d be no way to tour as an independent musician. There’d be no way to grow artistically and develop the kind of reputation that big-money venues want to cherry-pick and profit from. It’s one thing to say “I support the arts,” quite another entirely to create and sustain a not-for-profit music venue. It’s hard to overestimate Douglas and JaneAnn’s contribution to the Edinburgh music scene” 
Jefferson Hamer, United States

“Within a short space of time, the Soundhouse has filled a gap in Edinburgh: that of a medium-sized non-classical venue. With the closing down of most old jazz or folk clubs, this format has the future. Soundhouse is run in a professional way, but with community spirit offering acoustic touring musicians a first-class stop in Edinburgh.”
Tim Kliphuis, Netherlands, 
2013 Scottish Jazz Award – International

“I’ve been fortunate to have played several concerts at Douglas and Jane-Ann’s place over the past few years, and each time has been a pleasure.  Not only that; every visit has been a unique experience, with each evening taking on its own special character and leaving lasting impressions and good memories.  Their hospitality and treatment of artists is exemplary; their laid-back attitude helps to create a stress-free and convivial environment conducive to the audience’s enjoyment of the music, as well as to bringing the best out of musicians.  You can tell that Douglas and Jane-Ann are doing something right, as those audiences (and musicians) keep coming back for more!  These concerts are a vital, year-round part of Edinburgh’s cultural life, there for all to enjoy – long may they thrive!”
Alasdair Roberts, The Furrow Collective

“Do you think its important to give people in your community the opportunity to hear live music? Do you think that individuals who are both talented and compelled to make music should be supported? Musicians of today rely increasingly on curated concerts to earn their living. There is so much noise out there in the media, that it takes the work of the performers and the curators to promote successful live music events. A performing musician today will likely experience a sort of whiplash on a run of tour dates, as some concerts will be performed in front of thousands of people at a festivals and some shows for 30 people at a private concert. The middle has dropped out for many musicians, but those private concerts are a fantastic replacement for nightclubs and theaters as they are an incredible value for both the audience and the artists. It is really the generosity of the home owners and music enthusiasts which allow this to be possible. The private concert promoter is not in the business of making money off the shows so the audience can pay what they are able to and the musicians will take a larger share of the ticket sales. Concert hosts like Douglas and Jane-Ann in Edinburgh are essential pieces of the modern music landscape and in many cases make touring possible where they would not be feasible otherwise.”
Ry Cavanagh, Session Americana, USA

“Every city should have a Soundhouse equivalent, promoting good independent music with enthusiasm and professionalism.  Support them!”
Martin Simpson, England

“Superbly run concert by Douglas Robertson and Jane-Ann Purdy in Edinburgh. Sound was so professional, hospitality was A1, I couldn’t ask for a better gig or better time playing music. I thoroughly enjoyed myself thanks to these folks! These people should have their own proper venue.”
Petunia, Petunia and the Vipers, Canada

“The importance of what Douglas and Jane-Ann are doing cannot be understated. Providing space and support for musicians and connecting people in the community is a serious business that requires infinite dedication and passion. Plus it’s a lot of fun for everyone!”
Aaron Jonah Lewis, Corn Potato String Band, US

“More than ever in a world of commerciality, austerity, and virtual consumption, musicians need a home where live music is valued, supported and celebrated, and audiences need a place that will welcome them to share in those vital tasks. Soundhouse aims to do just that, and I look forward to being a part of its future.”
Mary Ann Kennedy, The Campbells of Greepe

“Every city needs great local music venues in which to support the development and promote the unique creativity of its local musicians. It is a disgrace that a city that prides itself on being the cultural capital of Scotland, is failing the very artists that live in it. 

“Douglas and Jane-Ann’s ongoing support for musicians playing in Edinburgh is inspiring and invaluable. We really can’t thank them enough for everything they have done for us. By keeping the passion for live music alive in their living room and setting up The Soundhouse Organisation, they have given us hope and inspiration for a brighter future for the live music scene in Scotland’s capital. Anything we can do to support The Soundhouse becoming a reality would be a great honour.” 
Lorraine McCauley & the Borderlands, Glasgow 

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