The Soundhouse Organisation is a charity dedicated to founding a brand new, state-of-the-art music venue in Edinburgh, offering a fair deal to musicians and a warm welcome to audiences of all ages. Our second benefit gig will be held at The Pleasance Theatre and Cabaret Bar on Friday 16 May 2014. The line-up includes Shooglenifty, The Bevvy Sisters, Lord Rochester and DJ Dolphin Boy. Read on for more details …

Pleasance Theatre 9pm | The Bevvy Sisters

Originally formed as an offshoot of all-star swing combo the Loveboat Big Band, The Bevvy Sisters simultaneously channel the heritage of such classic sister-acts as the Beverleys, the Andrews and the Boswells, while their own diverse backgrounds and collective songwriting skills reinvent the female trio formula. Debut album St James Sessions, launched with a sold-out show at Glasgow’s world-famous Celtic Connections festival in 2010, won glowing reviews and UK-wide airplay, while captivating live shows continue to extend their fan-base. Besides headline appearances including Edinburgh Festival Fringe, Belgium’s Schots Weekend, the Big Tent Festival and Orkney Folk Festival, they’ve collaborated with English folk star Eliza Carthy, Scottish super-trio Lau, and in an international project involving iconic fiddler and singer Dave Swarbrick, Canadian reggae artist Jason Wilson and Scotland’s legendary Dick Gaughan.

This band has a stella line-up: Heather Macleod (Eliza Carthy Band, Loveboat Big Band), David Donnelly (ex-Salsa Celtica, Finley Quaye), Gina Rae (Sandy Wright, Trio AAB) and Cera Impala (Cera Impala and the New Prohibition) and is currently riding high on the release of their second album Plan B.

“Edinburgh is a uniquely creative city partly due to the the annual influx of the Festival and its Fringe, yet for the rest of the year it as good as gets culturally kicked in the teeth by its own. Too many fantastic venues have been axed, whilst amazing spaces lie rotting and disused. To enable growth from it’s amazingly diverse grassroots scene, Edinburgh desperately needs a space for a small-to-mid sized venue, with a similar feel, that is sustainable and can support such valuable activity alongside world renowned acts. That very thing that is already happening in a certain living room.

“But we need a place where we can all truly relax and make a big sound without annoying anyone around. Surely the capital city, the ‘Festival City’ of Scotland at such a time should cultivate its culture and support such an endeavour? We need a soundhouse with a great living room to make music in. To do what we do. As musicians – to perform, and for the audience – to be a part of. It’s a two way street. That’s what makes a great and meaningful live experience, and we have without fail over the years, had many in Douglas and Jane-Ann’s house. So THANKYOU Douglas and Jane Ann for having us round to yours so often, for your eternal generosity, tenacity and spirit in what you do, and have done for years. 

“We will all make a big sound to get us all a bigger house!!! The Bevvy Sisters support you. See you at The Pleasance on the 16th of May!!!”
The Bevvy Sisters

Pleasance Theatre 10pm | Shooglenifty

Formed in Edinburgh, and now one of the city’s most successful bands, Shooglenifty began life with a residency at the Belle Angele and quickly drew a strong fan base for their energised, contemporary roots material which soon became one of Scotland’s most unique musical exports. This six-man band is credited being the originators of ‘acid-croft’, a fiery and infectious blend of Celtic traditional music and dance grooves that band members describe as “hypno-folkadelic ambient trad.” A supremely dexterous and witty live band, their energetic live performances have kept them in constant demand around the world.

“We’re playing The Soundhouse benefit gig because Edinburgh is crying out for a venue like this. The energy of Douglas and Jane-Ann is going towards making this happen and we have to support them with some of our energy as well.”
Malcolm Crosbie, Shooglenifty

Cabaret Bar 8pm | Lord Rochester

The legend that is Lord Rochester is spreading far and wide. Scotland’s best sounding and best looking rock and roll show have played all over their native Scotland from the Borders to Aberdeenshire and from the Central Belt to Highlands and Islands. Be it high profile festivals or small intimate pub shows, the effort and performance is the same. Always entertaining and charming the aim is to engage the audience, large or small. Since they first got together in 2008 they have played all over Europe and the UK and have four singles (two of which are EPs) and one album in the shops. They have also performed in session on the BBC, recorded at famous Perrotti Studios in Gijon, Spain, and provide the theme music for the ’Vic Galloway Show’ on BBC Radio Scotland.

“We are delighted to offer our support to the Soundhouse Project. Lord Rochester is a Rock’n’Roll band operating in the DIY spirit of Rock’n’Roll and we salute Douglas and Jane-Ann’s DIY approach to live music facilitation.

“If the city doesn’t have a suitable venue – don’t sit back and complain or wait for someone else to do it; make one yourself…in your own living room. And now they are taking their vision further to create a real venue run by and for musicians. An inspiration to us all.”
Tim Matthew, Lord Rochester

Cabaret Bar 11pm | DJ Dolphin Boy

Andy Levy aka Dolphin Boy has been an Edinburgh-based producer and DJ for more than 20 years, and in that time he has pulled off the neat trick of evolving and innovating whilst his early work remains as fresh as ever. The Scottish capital has long been renowned for the melting-pot nature of its music scene – jazzers, folkies and DJs frequently rub shoulders in the same bars and clubs, giving rise to a wealth of cross-fertilisation across different genres, and the reciprocal evolution of Dolphin Boy’s sound transpired more or less organically.

“I am delighted and honoured to offer any support I can to the Soundhouse project. Over the last few years it has become increasingly difficult for musicians and artists to make a living and to find outlets for their work in Edinburgh. The financial crisis and the changes in the way people access music are partly responsible for this but I believe an indifferent council and the belief that culture can be imported to Edinburgh for one month of the year have also played a part. Grassroots culture is alive in Edinburgh but it is not kicking and we desperately need a venue like the Soundhouse. I fully support the aims and aspirations of the Soundhouse project and would urge anyone who doesn’t want bankers and accountants as the sole arbiters of taste to do the same.”
Andy Levy aka Dolphin Boy

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Lord Rochester

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The Bevvy Sisters

10pm (Pleasance Theatre)

11pm (Cabaret Bar)
DJ Dolphin Boy



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