We are happy to have the support of music industry professionals. Here are some of their recommendations…

‘Douglas & Jane-Ann have created something wonderful here in Edinburgh for both concert goers and musicians. Their support in promoting local and international independent artists has been unstinting. Edinburgh’s live music scene without the Soundhouse? Nah, we don’t want to even imagine it!’
Coda Music

“Soundhouse are by far my favourite Edinburgh music institution. Being both artist and audience-friendly, they provide a great service to a wide variety of local and touring musicians, as well as to the local community.”
Mark Whyles, Mark Whyles Management 

“Soundhouse are an invaluable addition to the Edinburgh music scene. Their programme is eclectic and well chosen; they look after the artists in the way talented people are entitled to expect; and the gigs are impeccably well run.”
Frank Bechhofer, The Bechhofer Agency

“Having worked with Douglas and  Jane-Ann (Soundhouse) on a number of occasions, and across a variety of events over several years, I can safely say that Soundhouse are one of the most unique, innovative, professional and, more importantly, dedicated and caring promoters that I have worked with literally anywhere. These sentiments are more than fully echoed by those artists I represent as an agent too – and that in itself  is perhaps the greatest professional accolade anyone can give any event promoter.”
David Gardner, Atlantic Edge

“Soundhouse events are one of the highlights of UK tours for the artists I represent. A vital force on the music scene in Edinburgh.”
Sarah Coxon, Alan Bearman Music

“More than ever in a world of commerciality, austerity, and virtual consumption, musicians need a home where live music is valued, supported and celebrated, and audiences need a place that will welcome them to share in those vital tasks. Soundhouse aims to do just that, and I look forward to being a part of its future.”
Mary Ann Kennedy, musician and broadcaster

“As someone who has promoted gigs in Edinburgh for many years, from small clubs to concert halls, I know only too well that there is a lack of suitable venues currently available in Edinburgh. We have seen the closure of a number of long-standing venues in recent years, with little or no alternatives taking their place. But it is not just numbers that are needed, promoters and musicians alike will tell you that it takes more than a hall to put on a successful concert. There has to be confidence in the people running the place, the knowledge that they care about the events that happen there and are not merely viewing it as a commercial venture.

“So I wish The Soundhouse venture every success – there could be no-one better to helm this project than Douglas Robertson, a man who puts his heart and soul into staging quality music in this city. I have spent many delighted evenings at his gigs, and look forward to attending many more at the new venue. And along with my best wishes, I offer any help that I can give.”
Jim Welsh, Summerhall Radio, former promoter in Edinburgh

“As one of the country’s leading promoters/agencies touring visiting acts throughout the UK and Ireland from USA, Canada, Scandinavia and Ireland, we are acutely aware of the desperate need for an intimate and well-run performance space in Edinburgh for roots/acoustic musicians who are in the Premier League. We wish this project much success. It is always such a pleasure to work with kindred spirits who appreciate and understand the needs of both performers and those who come out to see them. Good energy will always attract more good energy.”
Loudon Temple, Brookfield Knights

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