Edinburgh’s musicians

This is what our local community of musicians say about us …

“What these guys do is not only vital and badly needed for musicians (both those based here and those touring to Scotland) , it is also  wonderful and significantly enhancing of the cultural  life of the city.”
Tom Bancroft, Trio Red

“The concerts supported by the Soundhouse are invaluable to Edinburgh as a city. It is demonstrable that what Douglas and Jane-Ann have achieved is to attract truly world-class acts to Edinburgh, enticing audiences to listen to music of which they otherwise may not have even been aware. I have not played or been to gigs with such a good atmosphere or with such a warm reception from audiences. It is absolutely down to the inspiring approach of all at the Soundhouse Organisation that so many musicians and audiences want to keep coming back to perform and listen.”
Ewen Maclean, Algorhythmical, Alexander and Maclean

sua_tb“The importance and value of what Douglas and Jane-Ann have been doing over the past ten years for the musical community is immeasurable. Opening up their home to musicians from all over the world, for regular house concerts and a chance to share new sounds across genres is a real treat for everyone involved. Their support has been unwavering and tireless, not to mention altruistic and generous. Edinburgh is lacking in such venues, and now there is a real need to find a space to continue the good work of Douglas and Jane-Ann. Soundhouse is about community and passion for sharing music. Let’s do it together!” 
Su-a Lee, Scottish Chamber Orchestra, Mr McFalls Chamber, Soundhouse trustee

“Music is as good as life gets. To share music together is one of the best things that we can do as human beings. But we need venues to do it in, places where we can learn, teach and play. The noose on creative spaces is tightening all the time … long live the Soundhouse and all who sail in her!”
Phil Alexander, Moishe’s Bagel, Alexander and Maclean

“Jane-Ann and Douglas work tirelessly for the greater good of live music in Edinburgh and provide much needed performance space for both local and international musicians. Their care and support of professional musicians and great live music is second to none, and highly valued. Thank you both.”
Sophie Bancroft, Bancroft & Lyne, Trio CCB

malcolm“We’re playing The Soundhouse benefit gig because Edinburgh is crying out for a venue like this. The energy of Douglas and Jane-Ann is going towards making this happen and we have to support them with some of our energy as well.”
Malcolm Crosbie, Shooglenifty

“So many venues have disappeared in Edinburgh over the years as the corporate world tightens its grip on our capital. The Soundhouse will be a breath of fresh air for musicians and community on the ground, a vital lifeline to the health and wellbeing of Scotland’s arts – and something that should be prioritised by local authority, not strangled!!”
Gica Loening, Celter Schmelter

“Edinburgh loves you. More importantly, Edinburgh NEEDS you. One of the reasons I left this beautiful city was because of the lack of passionate promoters, and proper good venues, within the live music scene. You’ve done nothing but support us musicians for as long as I’ve known you – and for no benefit of your own, just because you love music. THAT IS AWESOME. You’re the bloody Mother Theresa of the Edinburgh music scene. You’re the heart. It’d be nothing without you guys. I have so much faith in the Soundhouse turning Edinburgh’s music scene around. Grab it by the baws.”
Roberta Pia, The Banana Sessions

adam_embers_1360“I am delighted to be part of the Soundhouse gig in support of the persistent and selfless work they are doing for musicians and music lovers alike. They are the key players in a vibrant and thriving scene that is helping to put Edinburgh firmly in the blood of Scotland’s musical heart.”
Adam Holmes

“While we in part moved here because a magical dream, a move to Edinburgh was realistic because of the musical evenings at Douglas and Jane-Ann’s house. They have built a safe haven; a real community of musicians and the best underground music scene I’ve been part of after living in five cities across the globe in the last 15 years.  It was the also first gig we had in Scotland, and I can’t imagine a warmer audience or more consistently ‘top drawer’ showcase of artists than the ones I’ve seen at their house.  It’s inspiring and humbling to say the very least.  It also goes to show how eager people really are to support the arts when it’s in the right frame, and they have done an absolutely ace job of providing the support musicians need to deliver a great performance. Now all we need is a wee dance floor and no neighbours, which is why I’m happy to support the Soundhouse project.”
Cera Impala

“Edinburgh has a huge shortage of decent venues, regardless of size. The ‘Douglas’s House’ gigs have been a godsend to the local and touring music scenes – a warm, friendly atmosphere; appreciative, listening audience; quality PA system etc. We are delighted to help, in a small way, to make a permanent venue with these same attributes a much-needed reality.”
Steve Kettley, The Pygmies

dolphin_boy_e“I am delighted and honoured to offer any support I can to the Soundhouse project. Over the last few years it has become increasingly difficult for musicians and artists to make a living and to find outlets for their work in Edinburgh. The financial crisis and the changes in the way people access music are partly responsible for this but I believe an indifferent council and the belief that culture can be imported to Edinburgh for one month of the year have also played a part.

“Grassroots culture is alive in Edinburgh but it is not kicking and we desperately need a venue like the Soundhouse. I fully support the aims and aspirations of the Soundhouse project and would urge anyone who doesn’t want bankers and accountants as the sole arbiters of taste to do the same.”
Andy Levy aka Dolphin Boy

blueflint_1360“Douglas and Jane-Ann have been supporting live music for years. They have given up their time, energy and even their home, to bring live music to audiences every week. Practically: Being a small scale touring band, after covering van hire costs, petrol, accommodation, posters , flyers, postal costs, etc, etc… it can often be hard to break even. Due to funding cuts venues and arts centre are struggling themselves to cover costs and are often working from box-office split agreements for bands rather than the fairer fees that we had a few years ago. Once all the touring expenses are covered and with the reduced income for bands in recent years, it’s harder to make a living. Sign of the times for a lot of people.

“The Soundhouse plans to give 100% of their door takings to the bands that play there, in keeping with the way the donations work at Douglas and Jane-Ann’s house concerts now. A rare and generous philosophy. This generous and open spirit is much appreciated by all the musicians that have played at their house. The income made at the these gigs help financially support other dates on tours. 

“Edinburgh needs a small live music venue. It’s as plain as day. The audiences know it, the musicians know it, and now thankfully, at last, after a huge amount of work and dedication from Douglas, Jane-Ann and the Soundhouse trustees it is beginning to sink in with the powers that be..

“So why do a Soundhouse benefit? You have to support these guys who have given us musicians so much support.”
Deborah Arnott, Blueflint 

“I wanted to do a Soundhouse benefit gig because Edinburgh needs a Soundhouse. A central location for a venue established by someone with the principals and vision of Douglas Robertson will be fantastic for local musicians, visiting musicians and all music fans in the capital city.”
Dean Owens

bevvy_1360“Edinburgh is a uniquely creative city partly due to the the annual influx of the Festival and its Fringe, yet for the rest of the year it as good as gets culturally kicked in the teeth by its own. Too many fantastic venues have been axed, whilst amazing spaces lie rotting and disused. To enable growth from it’s amazingly diverse grassroots scene, Edinburgh desperately needs a space for a small-to-mid sized venue, with a similar feel, that is sustainable and can support such valuable activity alongside world renowned acts. That very thing that is already happening in a certain living room.

“But we need a place where we can all truly relax and make a big sound without annoying anyone around. Surely the capital city, the ‘Festival City’ of Scotland at such a time should cultivate its culture and support such an endeavour? We need a soundhouse with a great living room to make music in. To do what we do. As musicians – to perform, and for the audience – to be a part of. It’s a two way street. That’s what makes a great and meaningful live experience, and we have without fail over the years, had many in Douglas and Jane-Ann’s house. So THANKYOU Douglas and Jane Ann for having us round to yours so often, for your eternal generosity, tenacity and spirit in what you do, and have done for years. 

“We will all make a big sound to get us all a bigger house!!! The Bevvy Sisters support you. See you at The Pleasance on the 16th of May!!!”
The Bevvy Sisters

banjolounge4_1360“Douglas has always been a fantastic advocate and supporter of music and its creators both on a local level and internationally.

“He and Jane-Ann ultimately host concerts in their house because of their and others’ frustrations at the lack of options in Edinburgh since the silencing of spaces such as Café Graffiti, the New Street Bongo Club, La Belle Angele and The Venue.

“I used to rehearse in his cellar with a band called Captain Shifty, spin forward 20 years and his support is still constant and unwavering to people such as me, so it is more than a pleasure to reciprocate by adding my voice (and guitar) in support of this amazing Soundhouse project.”  
Barney Strachan, The Banjo Lounge 4

“We are delighted to offer our support to the Soundhouse Project. Lord Rochester is a Rock’n’Roll band operating in the DIY spirit of Rock’n’Roll and we salute Douglas and Jane-Ann’s DIY approach to live music facilitation.

“If the city doesn’t have a suitable venue – don’t sit back and complain or wait for someone else to do it; make one yourself…in your own living room. And now they are taking their vision further to create a real venue run by and for musicians. An inspiration to us all.”
Tim Matthew, Lord Rochester, Mystery Juice, Soundhouse Trustee

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