The musicians on Soundhouse Spotlight

Rachel Duns, Soundhouse Sessions: Jazz

“I’m really grateful to have been part of the series and thought the whole process was a very helpful and enjoyable experience. I think it was really great to feature young musicians and give jazz another platform – also featuring an almost all-female band which is something I’m very passionate about! 

“Everyone was very helpful and supportive and there was great communication from yourself and the rest of the team. I’d love to be involved with Soundhouse again in the future!”

Robert McFall, Mr McFall’s Chamber

“Well done with our concert – looks and sounds terrific! We’re all really pleased.”

Paul Harrison, Trio Mágico

“As everyone knows, the Edinburgh and Glasgow music scenes are not short of talent, original and exciting acts, so we in Trio Magico were really chuffed to be asked to be part of Soundhouse Organisation’s streaming series of concerts which they organised at the Traverse Theatre. Jane-Ann and Douglas are not only incredibly dedicated and generous with their time and attention, but they know better than anyone what it is that musicians need to feel good and perform well.   Every aspect of the session was carefully considered, planned and organised – Covid safety protocols, access logistics, ticketing, remuneration for the artists, social media promotion.  In particular the production and technical aspects – sound and videography, were of a high or higher a standard that I have experienced anywhere.  We could not have felt more valued. This venture is a brilliant concept, and exactly what is needed to keep grassroots performance connecting with an audience at a troublesome time.” 

Emma Smith, Signy & Emma

“Soundhouse Spotlight was a really magical experience for us. It provided a much needed opportunity to play together again when all other gigs had been cancelled but even putting that aside, working with such a professional, talented and welcoming team allowed us to relax into the music and just enjoy playing, which isn’t always the case when filming. The interview gave us the space to share how we think about and approach the music, and being part of such a solid programme was very exciting.”

Dominic Harris, Dominic Waxing Lyrical

“We are an Edinburgh-based band who have been playing for some time now.

We do not play particularly ‘out there’ music, but nevertheless it is unusual enough not to achieve mainstream success and it is owing to the belief and support of John Peel, Lauren Laverne, Bosque Records and Tenement Records that we have stuck to our guns. We have performed in the US and in Europe and all over the UK, but as far as Iive performances go – there has no been no-one as good as The Soundhouse at both putting us on in an extremely professional and imaginative way and galvanising our audience.

“We have always been inspired by the more ‘theatrical’ side of gigging – a bit like ‘De Kift’ in Holland – and The Soundhouse’s invitation to play at the Traverse was amazing for us. Jane-Ann even helped us with our costumes. 

“I had a really bad stroke four years ago and bumped in to Douglas at the Meadows Festival (I had been in hospital in Rome for a month). I think I was shuffling along, putting one foot in front of the other and it was Soundhouse who gave me the confidence to start performing again – through their enthusiasm and the pervasive culture of ‘respect’ that surrounds everything they do. 

“For bands like us – we play all over the place – sometimes to 200 people, sometimes to 2 – to be treated well is not a ‘granted’ and we feel that the ‘Soundhouse’ effect is not just in the successful evening itself, but resonates far beyond.”

Josie Girgis, Spotlight Sessions: Jazz

“It was fantastic to work in such a beautiful part of Scotland alongside other creative types. I am so grateful for the opportunity provided to me be The Soundhouse Organisation. It was also very encouraging to see a musical body actively encourage diversity in their lineup.”

Lizabett Russo

“It has been an honour to work with Soundhouse and
their team to create such a professional video and sound. I will
cherish it as this was work that came in time of great need when not
much was happening. Very grateful for the opportunity to work with
both professional and warm people. Everything was smooth and carried
out as one would expect.”

Rusty Wishart, Spotlight Sessions: Jazz

“The whole thing was a really great experience. It was such a good opportunity for us all to write music and create something new together, and the recording experience was really fun too. All the people working with us were so friendly and helpful, and I loved the set up and the style of the video. The finished product looks and sounds awesome and will be really useful for promotion purposes.”

Evie Waddell, Spotlight Sessions: Folk

“My “Soundhouse Spotlight” experience was overall good, and I’m really pleased with the recording and high production quality. I hope this is useful but as a d/Deaf, hard of hearing (HoH) musician I struggled to hear some of the production team some of the time.”

Jenna MacRory, Spotlight Sessions: Folk

“The experience was highly beneficial for me. Opportunities available to up and coming musicians over the pandemic have been scarce and the chance to gig in a professional setting gave me hope that maybe it will be possible to still establish my career in an industry that seems to be crumbling.”

Signy Jakobsdottir, Signy & Emma

“We were extremely excited and grateful to be invited to perform on the Spotlight series amongst so many brilliant artists. Emma and I have been developing our set over the past two years, however we do not yet have professional recordings or footage of our work. This was a brilliant platform to perform our music and reach new listeners via the Spotlight audience. To additionally to come away with a high quality live recording and video footage was invaluable.

“The session was well planned in advance and a joy to take part in on the day. The production team made us feel welcome, relaxed and supported, which was so helpful considering the long break in playing together. Emma and myself are were extremely happy with the high quality broadcast material and received lovely feedback from colleagues and audience members. Having the recordings and video footage will really help us to move forward with our work.”

Signy & Emma
Mario Caribé, Trio Mágico

The audience on Soundhouse Spotlight

Anon (from survey)

“I really appreciated what you did during lockdown but hopefully it’s nearly time to see a live gig again. Hope to see you in the near future”

Anon (from survey)

“Good range of artists”

Anon (from survey)

Keep up the fantastic work”

Edinburgh’s musicians on Soundhouse

Ewen Maclean, Algorhythmical

“The concerts supported by the Soundhouse are invaluable to Edinburgh as a city. It is demonstrable that what Douglas and Jane-Ann have achieved is to attract truly world-class acts to Edinburgh, enticing audiences to listen to music of which they otherwise may not have even been aware. I have not played or been to gigs with such a good atmosphere or with such a warm reception from audiences. It is absolutely down to the inspiring approach of all at the Soundhouse Organisation that so many musicians and audiences want to keep coming back to perform and listen.”

Su-a Lee, SCO

“The importance and value of what Douglas and Jane-Ann have been doing over the past ten years for the musical community is immeasurable. Opening up their home to musicians from all over the world, for regular house concerts and a chance to share new sounds across genres is a real treat for everyone involved. Their support has been unwavering and tireless, not to mention altruistic and generous. Edinburgh is lacking in such venues, and now there is a real need to find a space to continue the good work of Douglas and Jane-Ann. Soundhouse is about community and passion for sharing music. Let’s do it together!” 

Phil Alexander, Moishe’s Bagel

“Music is as good as life gets. To share music together is one of the best things that we can do as human beings. But we need venues to do it in, places where we can learn, teach and play. The noose on creative spaces is tightening all the time … long live the Soundhouse and all who sail in her!”

Tom Bancroft, Playtime

“What these guys do is not only vital and badly needed for musicians (both those based here and those touring to Scotland) , it is also  wonderful and significantly enhancing of the cultural  life of the city.”

Malcolm Crosbie, Shooglenifty

Edinburgh is crying out for a venue like this. The energy of Douglas and Jane-Ann is going towards making this happen and we have to support them with some of our energy as well.”

Gica Loening, Celter Schmelter

“So many venues have disappeared in Edinburgh over the years as the corporate world tightens its grip on our capital. The Soundhouse will be a breath of fresh air for musicians and community on the ground, a vital lifeline to the health and wellbeing of Scotland’s arts – and something that should be prioritised by local authority, not strangled!!”

Roberta Pia, Banana Sessions

“Edinburgh loves you. More importantly, Edinburgh NEEDS you. One of the reasons I left this beautiful city was because of the lack of passionate promoters, and proper good venues, within the live music scene. You’ve done nothing but support us musicians for as long as I’ve known you – and for no benefit of your own, just because you love music. THAT IS AWESOME. You’re the bloody Mother Theresa of the Edinburgh music scene. You’re the heart. It’d be nothing without you guys. I have so much faith in the Soundhouse turning Edinburgh’s music scene around. Grab it by the baws.”

Sophie Bancroft, Bancroft & Lyne

“Jane-Ann and Douglas work tirelessly for the greater good of live music in Edinburgh and provide much needed performance space for both local and international musicians. Their care and support of professional musicians and great live music is second to none, and highly valued. Thank you both.”

Adam Holmes

“I am delighted to be part of the Soundhouse gig in support of the persistent and selfless work they are doing for musicians and music lovers alike. They are the key players in a vibrant and thriving scene that is helping to put Edinburgh firmly in the blood of Scotland’s musical heart.”

Cera Impala

“While we in part moved here because a magical dream, a move to Edinburgh was realistic because of the musical evenings at Douglas and Jane-Ann’s house. They have built a safe haven; a real community of musicians and the best underground music scene I’ve been part of after living in five cities across the globe in the last 15 years.  It was the also first gig we had in Scotland, and I can’t imagine a warmer audience or more consistently ‘top drawer’ showcase of artists than the ones I’ve seen at their house.  It’s inspiring and humbling to say the very least.  It also goes to show how eager people really are to support the arts when it’s in the right frame, and they have done an absolutely ace job of providing the support musicians need to deliver a great performance. Now all we need is a wee dance floor and no neighbours, which is why I’m happy to support the Soundhouse project.”

Su-a Lee
Iain Morrison

Touring musicians on Soundhouse

Dan Walsh, England

“I play hundreds of venues and encounter hundreds of gig promoters but it is difficult to imagine a more selfless pair than Douglas or Jane-Ann. They have organised countless gigs for no reason other than to make sure brilliant gigs happen on a regular basis in the wonderful city of Edinburgh. Every artist is treated wonderfully with superb hospitality and relaxed but careful organisation which ensures every gig there is nothing but a joy and as a result the audience have a wonderful time and a great welcome as well. They deserve any support going!”

Jefferson Hamer, United States

“Without promoters like the Soundhouse, there’d be no way to tour as an independent musician. There’d be no way to grow artistically and develop the kind of reputation that big-money venues want to cherry-pick and profit from. It’s one thing to say “I support the arts,” quite another entirely to create and sustain a not-for-profit music venue. It’s hard to overestimate Douglas and JaneAnn’s contribution to the Edinburgh music scene” 

Tim Kliphuis, Netherlands

“Within a short space of time, the Soundhouse has filled a gap in Edinburgh: that of a medium-sized non-classical venue. With the closing down of most old jazz or folk clubs, this format has the future. Soundhouse is run in a professional way, but with community spirit offering acoustic touring musicians a first-class stop in Edinburgh.”

Martin Simpson, England

“Every city should have a Soundhouse equivalent, promoting good independent music with enthusiasm and professionalism.  Support them!”

Aaron Jonah Lewis, United States

“The importance of what Douglas and Jane-Ann are doing cannot be understated. Providing space and support for musicians and connecting people in the community is a serious business that requires infinite dedication and passion. Plus it’s a lot of fun for everyone!”