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The Soundhouse Choir

Formed in 2016 by muscian and vocal coach Heather Macleod, the very fun and friendly Soundhouse Choir is an ALL-WELCOME Community Choir.

Highlights so far include …

Performing live with the Love Community Choir at the Usher Hall in 2018
Singing at the Scottish Parliament in 2019
Recording I Shall Be Released by Bob Dylan in 2020
Being part of the Enough is Enough project with Oi Musica and Karine Polwart in 2020
Recording Love is the Sweetest Thing with actor Mark Bonnar
Performing Enough is Enough at COP 26 in Glasgow in November 2021

Current term
Current term

Sing Into Spring


After the lifting of restrictions on 24 January there was an overwhelming response in favour of returning to the room, to which we are more than happy to support.

You must take an LFT on the day of attending. Singers must be masked until in singing position and sing 2m apart.
There will still be an online session weekly, exactly as of last term for those of you who can’t make it to live sessions. Here are the details:
ALL PARTICIPANTS (online plus in-person choirs)
Thereafter there will be TWO separate sessions per week, one online and one in-person (22/23rd Feb off).
ONLINE – TUES 8 FEB – 29 MAR – Weekly sessions 7-8:30pm
If booking for TUES you are also very welcome to view the in-person rehearsals on WED, from home via zoom, at no extra charge.
IN PERSON – WED 9 FEB – 30 MAR – Weekly sessions 7-9pm
If booking for WED you are also very welcome to join the online session on TUE evening, at no extra charge.
If you’d like to join us for the TUESDAY ONLINE sessions, please click on the space next to or below this text please book here
If you’re in or close to Edinburgh and would like to join on WEDNESDAY IN-PERSON, please click on the space next to this text please book here
Video highlight

Soundhouse Choir
with Mark Bonnar