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The Soundhouse Choir

Formed in 2016 by musician and vocal coach Heather Macleod, the very fun and friendly Soundhouse Choir is an ALL-WELCOME Community Choir.

Highlights so far include …

Performing live with the Love Community Choir at the Usher Hall in 2018
Singing at the Scottish Parliament in 2019
Recording I Shall Be Released by Bob Dylan in 2020
Being part of the Enough is Enough project with Oi Musica and Karine Polwart in 2020
Recording Love is the Sweetest Thing with actor Mark Bonnar
Performing Enough is Enough at COP 26 in Glasgow in November 2021

Current term
Current term

Sing Into The Simmerdim


Although Covid restrictions are easing, current circumstances still suggest that choir would be best continuing in a hybrid fashion. This term there will be one weekly session on Wed eves only and will be broadcasted online via a zoom feed from the room. This model has worked very well in still making welcome those who are not yet comfortable with group singing and those who join us from afar.

Great songs can still be produced with fun and purpose. Singing still feels good and benefits our overall sense of wellbeing.

‘It benefits me emotionally, physically, socially, psychologically, spiritually and I know I am not unique!’

On week 3 (May 11th) Heather is away teaching at another residency and so you’re invited to ‘Get to know each other’ with a social gathering instead of a choir singing session. Some of the choir’s premium social heads have been enlisted to arrange! The social aspect of Soundhouse Choir has been very much missed, so here’s hoping a night out will serve to fill that gap!

Immediately following the close of the term, a cohort of the choir hopes to travel to Shetland at Simmerdim (Midsummer) to perform at Mareel (Sat 18th June) with the Shetland Community Choir. Dates – 16th-21st June inc. The choirs will amass to perform Enough is Enough and a ‘flashmob’ element from the community will be invited to participate. Soundhouse Choir will perform a small selection of songs in addition to the wider programme. We aim to keep the conversation regarding the Climate Crisis in clear sight, as we move towards COP27.

Places available for this trip are limited as ferries and accommodation are at a premium at this time of year but if you should fancy considering joining the choir there under your own steam, or being placed on a reserve list, please e mail

More details on this ASAP and will go out to only those who have registered an interest.

Shetland bound or otherwise – an exciting and energetic menu of topical songs is at the ready to learn. You are warmly invited to join the choir for a more relaxed term, as the milder weather and more fresh air comes our way.

SING into Simmerdim! ALL WELCOME. Fun, learning and lots of SINGING guaranteed. ADD YOUR VOICE!

‘Singing with Heather brings out the best in me!’

Video highlight

The Choir
with Mark Bonnar