Methodist Church, Nicolson Square, Edinburgh, EH8 9BX

”It benefits me emotionally, physically, socially, psychologically, spiritually and I know I am not unique’

‘If you’re looking for a great-fun but laid-back choir, try this one.’

‘The joy of singing is exactly that, a joy. Hearing the choir last night was magical. Singing can provide the healthy zone to step out of everyday life and return feeling much more resourced and relaxed’

‘It really has blown ma mind how good it is, singin n learnin loads!’

Formed in 2016 the very fun and friendly Soundhouse Choir is an ALL-WELCOME Community Choir. Since then it goes from strength to strength, hitting their biggest subscription yet this year of 123!

In their relatively short time together they have featured as special guests on an album and performed in Edinburgh’s most prestigious venues – Scottish Parliament, Greyfriars Kirk, Usher Hall, and Queens Hall – who also extended their endorsement to the choir.

We also have a trip to Cuba that you could be part of!
Anyone can join with no previous experience or audition. Heather Macleod of The Bevvy Sisters leads the choir with humour and skill, bringing with her 30 years of experience of performing, arranging and teaching. The repertoire covers many styles and is taught by ear so there is no requirement to read music. Recorded audio parts are issued to aid learning.

The choir generally works towards a performance of the songs learned whether it be in collaboration with professional artists, recording on an album, being invited to sing in a movie, who knows?! Anything might happen! Soundhouse Choir is delighted to embrace these amazing opportunities! Of course, even if you can’t make or would rather not participate in the performances, it’s the process of learning and singing with the choir each week that is the best bit!

The emphasis is on fun whilst producing great results. Release, discover and develop your voice and enjoy the option to perform and share what we’ve learned in a safe and fun environment.

Term costs £50* (+ Eventbrite booking fee) and is payable in full.

TEN ‘HONESTY’ PLACES per term are offered.

If you’d love to come along but simply can’t afford to then you CAN!

No questions asked.

If you need further information please email Heather at

*fees are paid on a termly basis and are non-refundable


Thanks to Kat Gollock for pic of choir.

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