Fair Saturday fundraiser a huge success

“This was a deeply moving night of explorative avant-garde entertainment. Totally gripping from start to finish *****”Mark Calvert, The Mumble [Read the full review]

We are delighted to report that our Fair Saturday fundraiser at the Queen’s Hall on Saturday 26 August has raised at least £4,000. This is combined ticket sales and crowdfunder.co.uk donations less our costs. All artists appearing were paid for their contributions as per the ethos of Fair Saturday.

The event was designed to raise funds for our regular Traverse programme. We like to keep ticket prices affordable whilst still paying musicians as much as possible. This is a difficult juggling act at the best of times and always requires extra funds. This amount will be a huge help to that aim.

Thanks to everyone who came to the event and donated. It was a very special night indeed. We are also indebted to the Queen’s Hall and Fair Saturday for their stalwart assistance in putting this event together.

We also have to thank Aidan O’Rourke who curated the show so beautifully. Each artist flowed into the next with a grace that belied the short time we had to work on it.

Thank you so much to the performers:

The Soundhouse Choir
Heather Macleod
Vini Bonnar
Inge Thomson
Martin Green
Anise Pearson
Phil Bancroft
Tom Bancroft
Hannah Lavery
Aidan O’Rourke
Graeme Stephen
Kathleen MacInnes

We were blown away by the reaction in the room on the night – so many people responding favourably to the eclectic mix of choir pop, new music, electronica, free jazz, poetry, folk tunes, and Gaelic song. Here are some responses from the performers and one audience member who published his thoughts via twitter:

‘It felt like we captured the spirit of Soundhouse’Aidan O’Rourke

‘Special night’Martin Green

‘It was quite incredible how many of the punters came up to say how much they’d enjoyed the gig largely because the content was so varied. Where else would you find Gaelic singing, free improv jazz, poetry & more all in one concert?’ – Douglas Robertson (Soundhouse)

‘Lovely to hang out and sing songs with you all, loved the atmosphere of the group and the cabaret vibe of the night great show everyone thanks Aidan and Soundhouse. Tapa leibh’ Kathleen MacInnes

‘It was indeed gorgeous. A beautifully crafted concert Aidan. A total hit to collaborate with you Inge and to play with you all on the finale song, not to mention what a lovely hang it was with you all for the evening’Heather Macleod (Soundhouse Choir)

‘Delightful night of poetry/music-making!!’Phil Bancroft

‘Thank you both so very much for all your hard work in putting this together. It was a wonderful night, and we are so grateful for your support’Suzy and Ane, Fair Saturday

‘Was brilliant. We enjoyed a lot and thanks to all. Music and poetry fairly morphed between genres which is what we like’ – David Gardiner (audience member) via twitter

If you would like to re-visit Hannah Lavery’s poem Edinburgh is a Story, you can find it here, and if you would like to donate the ticket price to the gig (c£20) or whatever you can afford you can visit our crowdfunder page.

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