A message of support from The Bevvy Sisters

A message of support from The Bevvy Sisters

All this week we’ve been receiving messages of support from bands playing at our benefit gigs this spring, and we’ll be setting up a special page so you can read them all soon. In the meantime, we thought’d you’d like to read this message of Bevvy love we received this morning. BTW The Bevvy Sisters will be playing at our second benefit gig on Friday 16 May (tickets available now!).

It ain’t what you do, it’s the way that you do it.

We were asked, Why would The Bevvy Sisters give a night of their lives to play a benefit to support The Soundhouse?

Firstly and simply, we’re just reciprocating the generosity we’ve been shown. That’s how it works isn’t it? It might though, be worth answering that question by asking another. Why do the house concerts hosted by Soundhouse founders Douglas and Jane-Ann sell-out and go mad for it, where others don’t? We believe the key lies in how they, quite naturally, do what they do. 

They invite guests round to their house to participate in an evening of music in a respectful and intimate atmosphere in which everyone feels comfortable. Everyone gets a personal and friendly hello and cheerio. No bouncer anticipates trouble, takes your drink and kicks you out unceremoniously at the end. Everyone therefore wants to be there. Everyone is relaxed. Where people are relaxed, great things happen.

What’s more, for the artists, the donations from the house guests go 100% direct to the artist appearing. It’s an oasis in a desert for local and touring artists alike and now, and now attracts too many artists for any house to cope with – hence the need for a venue to create the same feel. It is a model of success. We know that’s not possible in every situation, but it’s a great thing to aim for, and its popularity proves it can work. 

It’s a struggle for most artists to break even, even at quite a publicised level, once the costs of taking a group of living, breathing, eating people around the country are covered. Too much music is lost to this reality. Ideas are choked by the pressures of making ends meet. This is a deeply embedded situation which needs changing as a matter of urgency.

Edinburgh is a uniquely creative city partly due to the the annual influx of the Festival and its Fringe, yet for the rest of the year it as good as gets culturally kicked in the teeth by its own. Too many fantastic venues have been axed, whilst amazing spaces lie rotting and disused. To enable growth from it’s amazingly diverse grassroots scene, Edinburgh desperately needs a space for a small-to-mid sized venue, with a similar feel, that is sustainable and can support such valuable activity alongside world renowned acts. That very thing that is already happening in a certain living room.

But we need a place where we can all truly relax and make a big sound without annoying anyone around. Surely the capital city, the ‘Festival City’ of Scotland at such a time should cultivate its culture and support such an endeavour? We need a soundhouse with a great living room to make music in. To do what we do. As musicians – to perform, and for the audience – to be a part of. It’s a two way street. That’s what makes a great and meaningful live experience, and we have without fail over the years, had many in Douglas and Jane-Ann’s house.

So THANKYOU Douglas and Jane Ann for having us round to yours so often, for your eternal generosity, tenacity and spirit in what you do, and have done for years. 

We will all make a big sound to get us all a bigger house!!!

The Bevvy Sisters support you. See you at The Pleasance on the 16th of May!!!

Big Bevvy Love XXX



  • Posted 20/03/2014 by Tracy Deakin 0Likes

    How well said & so true………every word!

  • Posted 21/03/2014 by Mary Macmaster 0Likes

    I like this wholeheartedly

  • Posted 21/03/2014 by Ali Edwards 0Likes

    I love the sound of this and hope we can get the opportunity in the future to hook up and play at The Soundhouse, wherever it may happen to be in the future.
    Respect to you guys.
    Ali Edwards

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