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We have set up a fund to help make sure Edinburgh Tradfest can be presented in 2021. While there are still many unknown factors at play, not least the state the economy and regular funders will be in next year, we’d like to make sure our artists, technical team and venues who have all had their gigs postponed until next year, are supported when we launch our program in 2021.

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What, where, how?

This is the website for The Soundhouse Organisation, a Scottish Charitable Organisation. We are currently raising money to provide a live music venue and musicians centre in Edinburgh and are looking for a permanent home.

In the meantime we are promoting regular gigs in Edinburgh at The Traverse, and in 2019 we took over the programming for Edinburgh Tradfest (this year 26 April – 6 May).

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What musicians say about us

"Every city should have a Soundhouse equivalent, promoting good independent music with enthusiasm and professionalism. Support them!"

Martin Simpson




The Soundhouse will be a new state-of-the-art music venue for Edinburgh, offering a fair deal for musicians, and a warm welcome to audiences of all ages. We will offer workshops and masterclasses for musicians of all levels. We will foster a positive attitude to live music and a feeling of community.

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