Fun singing sessions from the comfort of your own home! Via the ZOOM platform. 

Register at and weekly invite links will be issued.

Anyone can join with no previous experience. Heather Macleod of The Bevvy Sisters leads the sessions with humour and skill, bringing with her to this new frame 30 years of experience of performing, arranging and teaching. Heather also has much experience of teaching one-to-one online and is now enjoying learning how to host larger groups. 

Formed in 2016 in partnership with Edinburgh promotion legends The Soundhouse Organisation as their first ongoing education strand, the very fun and friendly Soundhouse Choir is an ALL-WELCOME Community Choir. They have enjoyed an outstanding first three years. The repertoire covers many styles and is taught by ear so there is no requirement to read music. Recorded audio parts are issued to aid learning.

Like every other choir at the moment, we are turning to technology in an attempt to stay connected and give focus to our need to sing, until such time as we can gather in person again. We have had a couple of experimental sessions online and found it to be fun, both in terms of learning and seeing each other’s faces!

As we’ve all found out, the one fundamental thing we cannot do is what we go to choir for – singing together in time! Choir-leaders the world over have been creatively thinking out of the box and new and innovative ways are being found every day in how to serve best our need to sing and stay in touch with each other. 

The Soundhouse Choir is interested to turn this situation to our advantage by exploring ways of getting to know each other even better from a distance than would have been possible ‘in the room’. In this new frame, actually many aspects of the choir become possible that would not be otherwise! In this we aim to strengthen our friendship, our inner voices and our collective songs for when we might re-unite. 

Term sessions will include – 

• Short and snappy warm-ups.

• Learning a selection of songs, with the aid of recorded parts to ‘take home’.

• An opportunity to introduce ourselves.

• Sectional get-togethers.

• One optional individual 45min singing lesson with Heather (to be arranged outside ‘choir’ time). 

Term costs £40* (+ Eventbrite booking fee) and is payable in full.

‘HONESTY’ PLACES per term are offered. If you’d love to come along but simply can’t afford to then you CAN! No questions asked.

If you need further information please email Heather at

*fees are paid on a termly-basis and are non-refundable


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